OPPO F1s: Travel Essentials Every Traveler Must Have

Going on a travel is one of the best thing to do to distress, recharge or whatever you call it. Of course, it would be a lot of fun if you are geared with the necessary gadget devices and accessories you will need. We have listed some of the travel gadget essentials every traveler would love to bring. Whatever the purpose of your travel is, these gadget devices and accessories will surely make your travel memorable, fun and productive.

Multi-purpose Travel Router -  with today's modern living we are into, an internet connection becomes a necessity. That is why having a multi-purpose travel router will not only fill your internet need but other needs as well. When you buy a multi-purpose travel router you will have the power to do media streaming, create your own Wi-Fi network, back-up photos from your devices including iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and more. 
This tiny mighty tool surely will fit in to your bag, pouch, pocket or luggage.

High Capacity External Battery - using our mobile devices is draining to its battery specially if we kept all of its possible connectivity open including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Hotspot and more. Therefore, the tendency of our devices being drained or dead while on the go is at its highest. Free yourself from the hassle of not answering your calls and missed messages by investing in a good and high capacity external battery. These types of batteries are generally lightweight, small, but gigantic in its capacity. Many of these tiny machines have the ability to charge your devices more than once, thus keeping you free from worrying about dead batteries for you surely have enough power for the entire trip.
Power Converter - if you constantly travel internationally, you surely need to have a power converter on hand. Changing power voltage from 110v to 220v and vice versa is a problem specially if you are always bringing with you your electronic devices for whatever purposes you ma have. But if you buy a power converter, this will not be a problem anymore. Power converters have the ability to convert power inputs. Normally, it also comes with plug adapters capable for use in UK, US, and AU plugs making your travel worldwide at peace for your gadgets.

Waterproof Phone Case - adventure travelers, backpackers, hikers, cyclists, bikepackers and similar travelers especially those who have destinations like beaches, pools, water falls and more should have this gadget on hand every time they travel because they spend time more outdoors. Buy a waterproof case and let your phone withstand when it gets wet.


Noise Cancelling Headphone - if you are in your business trip and needs to attend to meetings or pick up call while on the go, a noise cancelling headphone is a great tool to carry with. This is also a great for freelancers that need to report for work while family members are demanding their promised vacation. Work confidently, talk with your boss and colleagues or take calls while in traveling when you buy a noise cancelling headphone.


Action Cam - traveling for adventure always has full of action, which makes taking your action cam with you a must. Record all those unforgettable memories you have with family and friends while taking the action.


OPPO F1s Cellphone -
of course a travel would not be complete without taking a selfie. High quality selfie photos is highly achievable and easy with OPPO F1s Cellphone. Hailed as the selfie expert, OPPO F1s has the 16MP front camera and let your mind imagine how your selfie would look like. With the 13MP rear camera taking photos of items you like and your company will never be as good too.


These camera features of OPPO F1s make this cellphone a travel essential for photo lovers specially me because I love taking photos of my kids while in action or while just having fun.