Make Your Own Sublimated Personalized Print On A Mug

Since we started our digital printing business, we never thought that we can make our own sublimated personalized print on a mug because we are more on t-shirt printing that time. However, as we go on, we have seen various products we can do to expand our business and services to our clients and that includes, making your own sublimated personalized print on a mug.There are various ways of personalizing a coffee mug including painting it with sharpie, screen printing and sublimation process to name a few, which is also the process we are using and I am going to share it with you today how it is being done.

Tools you will need in making your own sublimated personalized mug include:

Design Software Installed in your PC or Laptop
Desktop Sublimation Printer
Sublimation Transfer Paper
Thermal or Heat Tape
Sublimation Mug
Mug Heat Press or Mug Press

Steps in Making your personalized sublimation mug are the following:

The first step you have to take when DIYing or making your own personalized mug is to prepare your design using your desired photo editing software.

After you have finalized your designed mirror your image and print it on your sublimation transfer paper using your desktop sublimation printer.

Preheat your mug heat press or mug press until it reached the temperature set for mug printing. In our case, the store personnel where we bought our mug heat press or mug press configured the settings and all we do every time we do mug printing is to just turn it on and wait for the time it reached the right temperature.

Let the printout dry. Once the printout are totally dry, cut and wrap it around your sublimation mugs facing down and tape both ends with your thermal or heat tape.

When the mug heat press reached the set temperature, insert the mugs in the plate and lock the clamp. Wait for the timer to beep and that is the time you will unlock the clamp and take off your mug.

Take off the sublimation paper and celebrate with your newly printed personalized mug.