How to Make Your First Savings

When talking about saving money, taking the first step is the hardest. If you have successfully started your saving journey, keeping up to urge and discipline to continue can be a little hard too. We are on the same boat because even me is having this dilemma of not finishing what I have started. Therefore, I am listing some simple steps in making your and my first savings. Let us take the journey together.

1.      Start creatingyour budget - no matter how high paying your job is, it all boils down into how you created your budget. Without proper budgeting, you might go overboard with your spending without noticing it, which will hinder you from saving even the smallest amount you can. If you are like wherein budget is all in the head, let us start showing off those spreadsheets and start working.

Let us start with listing all the necessary expenses we have each day and sort them per category. In this way, we will able to determine the amount we are spending. After determining the amount, we can start from there which of the expenses we can reduce or totally avoid to have the money for saving purposes.

2.      Sell those things you are not using – this is a good idea especially to those impulse buyers. Selling online is not easy with the internet world we are in. You can sell on online marketplace and even on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where selling online is a normal thing.

3.      Take some side job – some of us may spend too much time at work that we do not have any more time for a side job. However, if we are one of those with low paying jobs and are having a hard time with our budget and making ends meet, then, it is a good sign that we should take a side job. You can look for jobs that require reporting to work once a week or twice a month and the likes. You can also try working at home selling stuff, or doing jobs like writing, designing, web developing and more.

4.      Make it a habit – many of us are shopper by nature as we see it as a stress reliever. However, if we are serious enough in saving, we should be honest enough in overcoming this unhealthy financial habit. CNN Money said that we should save at least 10% of our paycheck.

So, are you all with me? Let’s Get it On!!