My First Attempt On Dressmaking

When my baby girl is on the way, I am getting interested with many things. I noticed myself being interested with baking and baked my kids' celebration cakes

Other than caking, I did not come to think that I would be again interested with sewing. My late mom is a dressmaker and I grew up sewing my own stuff from my hair bow to my headband to my coin purse and other sewing stuff that I can do myself.

I started browsing for free printable patterns online and came across some easy baby dress that I feel I can do for my baby. I decided to do the Itty Bitty Baby dress and since I do not have my sewing machine yet, I sew it by hand. The result is not perfect but I feel like I am on my way into sewing my kids stuff soon.

With the success I had with my first baby dress, I think I have to get my own sewing machine now. If I can find one that can serge and do other stitches I would definitely go for it. However, I guess serger sewing machines cannot do other stitches like zigzag or straight stitches.