Baby Headband From Recycled Old Shorts

I grew up with a sewing machine at home, as my late mom is a dressmaker. I used to make my own hair bows, coin purse and the likes. I never imagined doing it for my children because what I envisioned of myself is a busy employee, a businesswoman and similar careers. However, now that I have my baby girl, I feel like I want to DIY most of her stuff like dress, booties, headbands and more.

I found a simple tutorial at alisa burke and I immediately look for some of my boys' old shorts. Pardon if I was not able to photograph while my baby's headband is in process but you can find the full tutorial at alisa burke's site.

When you do the baby headband from recycled old shorts for your little one, you will need the following:

  1. old shorts
  2. glue gun with glue stick
  3. scissors
Just follow the instructions mentioned in the tutorial and you will surely end up with a beautiful headband your baby can wear every day.

You can buy a good quality glue gun and a pair of scissors in craft stores near you or online if you still do not have the tools with you.