PRUride PH 2018 - De Vitto's First Cycling Race for 2018

Since the hubby decided to restore his classic bicycle back when he was in High School, he started to love cycling and became his passion and source of income as well. His bike is categorized as Small Wheels in cycling race categories. Their group called their bike as Mini Velo and he joined the group Mini Velo Club Philippines to gain more knowledge about his passion.

Christmas Old English Fruitcake

I know this is an extra late post. But I really wanted to share what I have made for the first time last Christmas and New Year.

It all started with a mouth watering post from a Facebook Friend. She posted a photo of her new baked product, the popular Christmas Fruitcake. I was really drooling like hell. To satisfy my craving, I did some research on how to make one and the lucky side of me was able to get a recipe on Google that is so easy to understand with ingredients that are available in my country.

How to find the right family car for you

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When traveling with your family, it is important that you and your family member will not only enjoy the beauty of traveling but also the comfort while in motion. Therefore, traveling with your own family car is the best option you can make. Below, we are giving you some tips on how to find the right family car for you.

Set a Budget – in everything that you will buy, it is important that you have set a specific budget for it. In this way, you will not go way beyond what you can afford. When talking about family car, we are talking about more space, more seats, more comfort and of course, more money to spend. It is important that you shop around car dealers online like for example in where you can browse both new and used cars according to price, make, size and more.

Check car features and safety – since you are buying a car for your family, it is important that you have created a checklist of what is important for you and your family when it comes to car comfort and safety. Make sure to check if the car you consider buying has all the features you need.  

Test Drive – make it a habit to test drive every car you consider buying. Reviews online are good but it is way different if you will experience it yourself.

Browsing now a snap as Converge powers Ayala Alabang with pure fiber Internet

Brgy. Captain Ruben Baes and his staff with Converge Officers.

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. announced today that it entered into an agreement with Barangay Ayala Alabang and Ayala Alabang Village Association (AAVA) to install underground pure fiber optic cables capable of providing Internet connectivity to village residents.

Under the agreement, Converge will install pure-fiber optic cables within Ayala Alabang’s premises. Converge assures the barangay and AAVA that activities will not be disruptive.. This is made possible via the latest “microtrenching” technology that is used by Converge in laying micro-thin fiber-optic cables that will deliver super-fast Internet connectivity.

The installation of the fiber-optic facility at Ayala Alabang will allow residents  and small and medium-sized and even large enterprises operating in the area to enjoy faster connectivity to the Internet and with absolutely no “data cap.”

Among the products offered by Converge include FiberX—FiberX 1500 with a burstable speed of up to 25Mbps for only P1,500 subscription fee per month; FiberX 2500 with speeds of up to 50Mbps for only P2,500 a month, and FiberX 3500 of up to 100Mbps connectivity for only P3,500 per month. There is also the Ibiz plan that starts at P4,000, inclusive of other freebies and benefits, and other data services.

Using pure end-to-end fiber technology that’s light years better than traditional Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Converge FiberX and Ibiz Internet subscription plans provide better speed, larger bandwidth and consistent outstanding performance. Many residents and businesses in areas such as Mandaluyong, Makati, Quezon City, Valenzuela, Las PiƱas and Muntinlupa, to name a few, including some areas south of Manila such as Batangas and Cavite are already enjoying Converge’s fiber-optic Internet connectivity offerings.

For more about FiberX, visit

Asian Inspired Home Interior Design Ideas

Asian desired houses are now gaining attention worldwide an so as Asian home decors, home furniture pieces and similar items to create a lovely and refreshing Asian Inspired Interior designed home. Below are some of the Asian Inspired Home Interior Design Ideas I can share you are as just like you, I also love those kind of interior design pieces.

Asian Inspired Wall Backdrop - Asian inspired decors are known to have the earth colors mimicking the colors of landscapes. Therefore, if you are into creating an Asian inspired interior design, you should go for neutral colors like cream, white, light blues and similar colors representing nature.

Gorgeous Asian theme bedroom with contemporary style